Thinking Long Term, Living Short Term; GM Bryan Colangelo


January 10, 2013 by colanjello


After an unexpected, and perhaps horrific 4-19 start to the season, the Raptors are back to their old ways. A team destined for the upper tier of sub 500 basketball. And a team that barring an unlikely playoff run will lose its draft pick (from the Kyle Lowry trade), hindering future developments for the club.

The good news is the team is improving, and has a chance to build on last years winning percentage. But if one was to make a multiple year forecast based on the pieces it has now, it would be hard to predict the raptors peek surpassing the likes of an 8th seed playoff team. Some of the weaker fans and members of the organization selling tickets would be happy with this premise.

The fact of the matter is, that it is hard to compete with the major U.S. markets to nab the few superstars that exist in the league. The only other way to have a chance at getting extraordinary player talent is to be a lottery team. A predicament the raptors organization has been through far too often recently and would like to stay away from.

Yet hope remains, if the Raptors want to truly improve than there assets must be dealt with correctly. As the trade deadline is looming, this is Bryan Colangelo’s chance to make his last stand. With Bryan Burkes recent firing and the dwindling patience of MLSE, the Raptors GM could be the next in line. As many rotten contracts as he has laid in the last few years, one move could at least partly redeem his reputation he once earned as the general manager of the Phoenix Suns. The chips are on the table, now Bryan Colangelo must make one hell of a move!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Long Term, Living Short Term; GM Bryan Colangelo

  1. Dixie Church says:

    Toronto Raptors is organized team. They all time perform well but results are always against them. It is very pathetic. They will improve.

    • amiracle15 says:

      We can certainly hope so! With Rudy Gay in as the closer and Valanciunas ready for a big sophomore year, anything’s possible. A defensive stopper would be nice.

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