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  1. Adventures in Schadenfreude: Let’s Stalk Some Former Raptors


    April 15, 2013 by slewfeet

    The Toronto Raptors stand 2 games from the end of a lost season, a team bereft of hope and dignity. …
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  2. BREAKING: Tears Shed as Haddadi Shipped in “Shameless, Heartless” Deal


    February 21, 2013 by amiracle15

    Raptors fans are up in arms and at a loss to explain GM Bryan Colangelo’s latest executed trade. ESPN’s Chris …
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  3. 20 Facts: Raptors 109 – Nuggets 108

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    February 12, 2013 by slewfeet

    If I had watched this game, I might have something interesting or insightful to say here. But I didn’t, so …
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  4. Breaking Down the Gay Trade


    January 31, 2013 by bronasvalanciunas

    Since the Toronto Raptors traded for Rudy Gay yesterday, the Raptors universe has been abuzz with various forms of analysis …
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