Acy’s Ancient Ancestor?


January 9, 2013 by amiracle15

Askia the Great of the Songhai Empire

Quincy Acy the Great of Toronto











What do you think, anybody sensing a little resemblance? I think that, were Quincy alive 500 years ago, he could well have been a West African militant and distributor of Islam. And if Askia were alive today, he certainly would be throwing it down every week. He might also get ejected for mass murder.


6 thoughts on “Acy’s Ancient Ancestor?

  1. slewfeet says:

    It’s possible, if not likely.

  2. I don’t think Acy could have made it in West Africa 500 years ago. Where would he find the wires to put, like, wires together, like, speakers?

  3. Rubixcube says:

    Probably the main difference between Askia and Acy is that Acy wheres (I mean wears) his shorts so damn high.

  4. colanjello says:

    but his turbanesque head wear would give him a height advantage when being scouted thereby increasing his draft stock

  5. […] In his between-quarter interview with evolved leprechaun Craig Sager, Dwane Casey remarks that the Raptors are “playing for pride right now… we’re looking to really develop our young core”. Seems about right as Ross and Acy are on the floor, but then again I’d like to double-check Quincy Acy’s birth certificate–or at least, his beard’s birth certificate. Pretty sure that thing is ancient. […]

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