Acy, Gay or Gray–Nobody Rides For Free.


April 2, 2013 by amiracle15

Live from the Hood––April 2, 2013.

Damn sick of all the Rudy Gay hate. 34 points on 13 of 18 shooting. The Pistons’ top scorer, Greg Money, also fired 18 shots and he done got jus’ 24 knocks; that’s a 10 point differential and we still ain’t won. Listen: Gay copped more than a third of our points, period. Stop the hate and cut the guac talk peeps.

Foos complaining about how his shot selection went out the window–dude missed 5 shots all night, you jussa hater. Damn squares.

Foos complaining about how they always see him with a low plus/minus rating–he’s second on the team, you jussa dumb hater.

Foos making sarcastic-ass posts bein’ all like “Lol he’s played so well, NOT!!! XD XD”. Shup, you jussa hater.

Sit yo ass down, hater.

Ya boy Quincy Acy doin’ work tho. Back from Bakersfield (he shouldn’t have been there in the first place tho, nahmean?), Quince put up 4 points, including this jam. Atta boy, Q.

Shout out to Aaron Gray though.

Jonas V doin’ work as well, he a franchise playa, troof.

Ass, gas or grass–nobody rides for free. So stop hitchhiking onto the hater bandwagon and be grateful of the elite talent on ya plate, hatin’-ass Raptors fans. Playoffs 2014, here I come.

hex dumbbell, foos.


One thought on “Acy, Gay or Gray–Nobody Rides For Free.

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