Raptors look to bounce back in Brooklyn


January 15, 2013 by amiracle15

Man, the Barclays Center floor is simultaneously painted black and blindingly bright. How do the Nets play here without incurring serious loss of color vision?

Aaron Gray gets the nod, which can only mean we’re in for a couple missed shots, offensive fouls and turnovers, in exchange for, I don’t know, whatever it is Aaron Gray brings. A beard?

Even proceedings early on, luckily for the Raptors the Nets have a player that matches Gray for klutziness–Reggie Evans. Non-athleticism for the win.

Aaron Gray slam dunk! Wow!!! Absolutely no one in the room saw that coming, in fact I’m shocked he didn’t

a) try to pass mid-jump and turn it over

b) get blocked

c) have the ball slip out of his fingers

d) fail to reach the rim

Anyway, Aaron Gray makes a legit pass to Fields for the reverse slam so this is his best game of the season, by far. I gotta say, props to Casey for starting Gray–I was annoyed at Amir Johnson being left out of the lineup and Gray has been horrible of late–but he’s come out to play.

Kyle Lowry’s in, and I’m saying he drops 30 tonight.

Landry Fields scores his second lay-up in a row, and I’m attributing his quick start to the fact that he’s wearing the shooter’s sleeve on his actual shooting arm. Seriously, I don’t understand when people wear it on the other arm, with the exception of Terrence Ross rocking the double sleeve. 27-27 to end the quarter.


In lieu of the Lance Armstrong confession and potential apology, how BS was that Tiger Woods apology? Seriously, he wasn’t sorry all the time he was adultering, why was he all of a sudden sorry when he was revealed? Because he had to for PR reasons. No sincerity whatsoever. I watched that footage and threw my pillow at the TV, here’s to hoping Lance Armstrong doesn’t come off quite as atrocious.

Back in the action, Quincy Acy makes a sick leaning hook shot + the foul + the dropping contact lens catch. Well done, Q and A! Hey, I smell a new nickname… (bronas and the whale patent on that bad boy)

So, we have a six point lead here in the 2nd quarter. If we can get this win, I think that would partly erase the disappointment from the Bucks game.

Oddball stat of the day: Aaron Gray is leading the Raptors in assists. Yep. 40-34 Raptors.

Not gonna lie, I’ve gone from hating that Tim Hortons commercial song to liking it ironically to liking it legitimately. Evvvvveryone’s watching, to see what you will doooo!!! yolo

44-41 now, as Aaron Gray’s higher-skilled alter-ego Brook Lopez curls in for two.

Now, despite Aaron Gray’s improved play, dude still has zero hands. Like, butterfingers does not even begin to describe it.

Bronas and the Whale author colanjello predicted that we wouldn’t be able to close out the half, and lo and behold it’s 51-48 Nets.

Leo Rautins: “sometimes the best basketball is the simplest basketball”. No, for Leo the best basketball is always the simplest basketball. And the best commentating is the simplest commentating. The best life is the simplest life. Rautins should consider a move to Amish country.

To end the half, Aaron Gray gets a legitimately tough foul call on him after playing some actually good defence. In fairness though he got a favorable whistle earlier.


I’m going to say it’s questionable for Sportsnet to be airing this spotlight on Arvydas Sabonis and Lithuania, given that both Valanciunas and Linas Kleiza are injured and have been for weeks. Guess they ran out of Mickael Pietrus spotlights to air.

One of the few bright spots of Sportsnet’s commercials: the Landry Fields PS Vita ads. Straight up, Fields is a great dude. His game is…. here and there, but I can’t knock the humor.

Right off the bat, Jose Calderon comes up limp–he’s a wimp.

Exact opposite of wimp: Alan Anderson. He lost a friggin tooth on the court. A tooth. His stat line at the moment: 0 points, one tooth and one continuous stinkface.

Landry Fields reverse layup! This guy’s having a game.

Something something Aaron Gray butterfingers.

So, the room has theorized that Brook Lopez is either Argentinian, Spanish, Jewish, Italian or an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Either way, he’s durrrrrtay.

Something’s not quite right with Demar Derozan. That’s the second under the hoop attempt he’s come up weak from. Finish, Demar, finish.

Two straight 3’s from Brooklyn and we’re down 7.

AWW yeah Terrence Ross dunk makes me forget his 0 of 4 shooting to that point. Down 7 to end the quarter though, but it’s still within steal range.


Trouble here to start the 4th; Kyle Lowry’s injured which means John Lucas is getting key minutes at the point.

I’m sick of movies. Same old song, over and over. Big guns, big shots, no creativity.

13-5 in turnovers (guess which one the Raptors are…) and it’s a 13 point deficit. Ugh.

15 point deficit now, the Nets are just beating up on the poor depleted Raptors.

Kyle Lowry comes back, this is totally what we need. I said he’d score 30, that didn’t happen because of injury but I’m calling it: the 4th quarter is his. And hey, he drills a three and gets 2 free throws. 96-85.

Oh boy Kyle Lowry, let it fly.

And the wheels have come off. Lone bright spot in the 4th is John Lucas displaying some serious handles. However Brooklyn is getting whatever they want on the offensive end, and they’ve passed the “magic” 100-point mark.

Actually, additional bright spot: Kyle Lowry as he gets fouled beyond the arc.

And another three! I tell you, had a couple things gone our way, he would have taken over the game.

Another trey! Wow. That’s 21 points in 15 minutes. And the vast majority of those were from the last six minutes. Lights. Out. Shooting. (meant to be read in Kenny “the Jet” Smith voice).

113-107 Nets win.

Game Bench: Kyle Lowry is back.

Game Toad: John Lucas III for some #streetball moves (aren’t I so cool, hashtagging away from #twitter?)

Game Goat: Demar. Another ice cold game from Defrozen, he’s playing like a 38 year old. And not the Jerry Stackhouse type.


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