Raptors turn Chickens; Armstrong turns 50


January 4, 2013 by bronasvalanciunas

Toronto Raptors vs. Sacramento Kings


The high five is cut out of the picture.

Before we begin today’s post, the whole Bronas and the Whale community would like to extend a hearty Happy Birthday to the forever young Jack Armstrong.

1st Quarter:

Aaron Gray is out on the floor to start the game. I suspect that Dwane Casey puts him out there to lull the opposition into a false sense of security, before the Raptors pounce.

It’s already working. Aaron Gray gets to the line early in the game.  Hopefully Demarcus Cousins is fooled by the innocent beard-and=bowl-cut combination.

Pietrus for 3! Ooooh, that was smooth… Followed by a Jose 3.

Turnovers are hurting the Raptors early though. Even Jose is throwing it away to the crafty Cousins in the Raptors half.

6:49 and Gray checks out. What on earth will I talk about now?

The Raptors are getting eaten in the paint, and are losing 19-13 despite shooting an unsustainable 63% from the field. They need to find an answer to Cousins and his pencil ‘stache (and Thompson, I guess…).

Alan Anderson has one idea of how to deal with Cousins. Through some clever trash talking or something of that ilk, Anderson manages to get a technical for himself and Cousins.

They pan to a young girl in the crowd with a Happy Birthday Jack Armstrong sign. That sort of thing makes me tear up every time.

Alan Anderson fouls someone, and then gives the referee his one-of-a-kind Alan Anderson stink eye. One of these days I’m going to stay home all day and spend a couple of hours in front of the bathroom mirror practicing that one.

Anderson gets another three to put the Raptors up. The Kings are now one for their last 9.

End of the first: 23-22 Raptors, but at their current level of play, they can’t expect to win this game.

2nd Quarter:

Jimmer is looking older than last time I saw him. Food for thought.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Quincy Acy is stripped and stretching via squats on the sideline. Could we be about to see the bearded fortune-teller himself?

FIELDS! Drives to the hoop through 4. In celebration, Pietrus uses more energy than he’s previously used all game.

Acy in. Acy in.

Fields does another one o’ them buckets. He is gaining some of his confidence back. Raptors up 3.

Alan Anderson with two quick drives puts the Raptors up by 7. He keeps that frown on his face, but I know that inside he’s smiling. He should stick to his drives, and cut down on his three attempts.

The Raptors would be up by a lot more if they didn’t keep missing their free throws. With Amir’s two misses here they stand at an undistinguished 3-10.

Quincy Acy comes back on and immediately produces some hustle rebounding. This boy shows true promise. I see great things in his future. Not to mention that his shorts are high, and his socks are high, so you know he means business.

Is there a rational explanation for Kyle Lowry’s single-sleeved t-shirt. Presumably it’s designed to deal with his tricep, but how much support can a loose sleeve truly offer. And at the same time, why would he cut off the other sleeve. Does it really restrict his shooting that much to wear a sleeve on that hand?

Ed Davis with a hook shot. 51-44 Raptors.

Sacramento goes on a mild run to finish the half, and the game is finely poised entering the second half. 54-53 Kings.

3rd Quarter:

Aaron Gray opens up the quarter by missing an easy o-reb putback. Atrocious.

The Raptors have gone ice cold here and the Kings have quickly stretched their lead to 7. Then Pietrus throws the ball away, under no pressure whatsoever from the Kings. This is starting to look more like the Raptors of mid-November. I think the Kings have now scored 16 straight points. 62-53 Kings. These are the kind of games they absolutely must win in order to get to the playoffs, especially with OKC coming up on Sunday.

Fields has an opportunity to put the ball up for a layup, but instead opts to kick it out. Turnover. A couple of plays later, and Ed Davis, in a moment of  madness, bites on a Cousins pump fake, and then gets caught flat-footed. Cousins with the easy dunk-in. Then the Raptors all go up for a team rebound with no Kings in sight and manage to knock the ball out of bounds. A comedy of errors.

This 3rd quarter is quickly turing the game into a rout. Nothing is falling for the Raptors here. Kyle Lowry puts his head in his hands (to hide his tears?) and we get to see his delightfully chubby fingers.

Lowry keeps getting hit by Ed Davis. Intentional? It’s possible, if not likely. Lowry is dazed to the point where he misses a routine fast-break lay-up.

John Lucas is in, to go with Lowry. One can only assume that Casey is trying every combination he can come up with to get the Raptors back in the game. This can only mean that we’ll soon see Aaron Gray.

82-63 at the end of the third.

4th Quarter:

Cousins enters the 4th with 26 points, 15 rebounds in 25 minutes of work. The Raptors have not even come close to containing the big man.

The commentators seem to be losing interest in the game as well. Jack and Matt go on a five minute tangent discussing Notre Dame vs. Alabama and Jack Armstrong’s lack of twitter.

Speculation: Could Lowry’s bicep dominance have caused his tricep tear? Are all tricep tears casued by bicep dominance? Are any tricep tears caused by bicep dominance?

14 point game with six and a half to go. Do we still believe?

Anderson keeps chucking up 3s. Eventually one of them hits. Still, the Raptors 3 shooting today has hurt them, both with their percentage, and their unwillingness to try something else.

With 3:15 to go, Matt Devlin still believes. The rest of us cynics don’t though. It’s going to be an unhappy birthday celebration for Jack.

Game Goat: Aaron Gray. Many possibilities here, but Gray was atrocious all night long. He had this prize locked up after about 3 minutes.

Game Toad: Amir Johnson. Couldn’t deal with Demarcus Cousins and it magnified his usual fouling problems. Fouled out in just over 9 minutes without scoring a point.

Game Bench: Demarcus Cousins. The obvious choice. 31 points, 21 rebounds, whined at the officials all game long.



One thought on “Raptors turn Chickens; Armstrong turns 50

  1. amiracle15 says:

    The Raptors simply did not have the prerequisite bulk to deal with Demarcus Cousins, paired with a general lack of focus. Sad to see it but you need wake up calls like this; hopefully we can get it together before the daytime event Sunday against the Thunder

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