Raptors Have a Fields Day


January 2, 2013 by Rubixcube

NBA: Summer League-New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors14-4 Raptors and I’ve just signed in. Currently writing my first post about basketball on Casey’s laptop—so excuse the slow typing and ignorant comments—this is Rubixcube.

An unnecessary foul by Aldridge. STRONG MOVE by Davis! Davis with an And-1 play on the left side of the bucket.

Is that a side-burn on Mikael Pietrus’ face or a string of sweat? Not sure about that one. Big dunk by Batum. 18-8 Raptors.

De Rozan puts up a solid J and drains it—his shot has definitely been improving. Pietrus makes a terrible play, but I still love him.

Ed Davis! 5/6 shooting tonight. Let’s hope he continues.  But, poor defence by Davis on the other end. And Portland gets an And-1 play.

The last play of the 1st quarter ends with a turnover by DeRozan, followed by a series of turnovers by both teams which results in the ball rolling out at the Raptors end of the floor. That was not a very skillful end to the quarter by either team. 24-17 at the end of the 1st

2nd quarter underway. It seems Landry Fields is out on the court… I almost forgot he existed to be honest.

Kyle Lowry’s look is wonky today; he is currently sporting a one sided T-shirts. Sports scientists claim that it keeps the muscles from “over-bulging”. It’s a good thing he has it on… you wouldn’t want your muscles over-bulging.

Landry Fields gets a D-reb, then Anderson misses on the fast break. Then, Fields with a field goal. Lowry takes a long 2 and misses—off of a pass from Fields. Fields is actually doing something other than playing Call of Duty with Quincy Acy in his mom’s basement. Is this going to be a Fields day? I highly doubt it because he sucks at everything but video games.

Is it just me or is Leo Rautins really straight-edge?

Big And-1 play by Amir, assisted by Terrance Ross. Terrance Ross sinks a 3 after that play. Raptors up 10—34-24.

Ross! Huge 3 again by Ross. Ross! Again for trey. Three threes by Terrance Ross in a very short span this quarter. 40-27 Raptors.

Strong drive by Derozan after a turnover by the trailblazers.

A classy drive by Derozan. Great work by Derozan this game.

Lowry has very questionable fashion sense. I imagine that if you saw Lowry in a shopping mall he would look very confused.

FIELDS! And-1 play by Landry. Fantastic stuff. He looks ecstatic after that play. Good to see.

47-33 Raptors after a good strong drive by Mathews. But, this quarter has definitely been played better by the Raptors.

God, I hope that stupid Canadian Whiskey ad doesn’t come up anytime soon.

Derozan’s fade comes up short. I think that was a forced play. Not necessary, they need to be more composed.

Amir with a hook shot.

I haven’t seen Kleiza play today… maybe Dwayne Casey realized that he’s dumb and plays dumb.

Terrance Ross with a steal and makes an athletic fast break drive for the basket. He gets fouled but doesn’t get the bucket. Ross hits both.

The Pigeon is in! Lowry gets a break.

Horrid form by Davis on the free.

TERRANCE ROSS!!!!! BUZZER BEATER THREE OFF BALANCE. ENORMOUS PLAY. Quincy Acy rushes Ross as he celebrates on the floor. 55-39 Raptors.

Aaron Gray is playing… huh?

Portland opens it up with a 3.

Aaron Gray looks awkward as he attempts to plow through the defense, then falls on his ass but gets fouled in the process.

Aaron Gray puts up a field goal! Oh wait, it’s an offensive foul. He’s a clumsy oaf, I’m not surprised.

Explosive dunk put back by Aldridge

Gray gets an assist. Ed Davis finishes it.

Ed Davis had the rebound, but Gray decides to tap it out of Davis’ hands. What the hell kind of terrible rebounding was that by Gray?
Davis sinks a J. He’s doing really well tonight.

Batum doesn’t even look like he’s trying as he finishes his floater. A very smooth play.

Ed Davis! Nice J.

Good pass by Calderon to Derozan in the corner who cuts in and gets the bucket.

Pietrus denied by the rim on his 3.

Lillard with a nice jump shot. 65-53 Raptors. It’s still close enough to be anxious for the Raptors.

Ed Davis with 18 points! Finishes another play. Ed Davis, ALL NIGHT LONG!

Calderon looks less scrappy than usual today—like a pigeon just starting to become self-conscious.

Derozan has 22. He’s 10/15. Good stuff.

Pietrus is 0/4. Just not able to sink anything. Still, he’s one damn classy dude.

Andrea looks incredibly greasy, I wouldn’t touch him with a detergent saturated, 3 meter rod, while holding it with latex surgical gloves.

I’m really missing Jack Armstrong tonight. He seems to spark-up Devlin’s commentary as well.

Derozan! Solid J. 72-53 Raptors.

For some reason Landry Fields reminds me of Wyatt Cenac from the Daily show with Jon Stewart…

Aldridge takes Ross down as he drives to the hole. Ross lands in push-up position. Doesn’t pump any out though. I wonder how much Ross can bench…

ROSS!!!! 3 pointer with seconds left in the 3rd.  Solid performance by Ross. 78-61 Raptors.

The last time the Raptors have beaten the Portland was 2008… huh…

Alan Anderson looks like a skinny Icecube; he looks badass.

That was some really weird looking basketball. The Raptors were all jumping like retarded salmon, but luckily the Trailblazers suck tonight so they can’t get anything on the play.

On the other end, garbage defense by Portalnd, and Amir attempts an alleyoop which ends up with him bailing out.

This is all Raptors at this point. 90-70 Raptors.

Acy in the hole!!! Acy with a gigantic block—monstrous. Acy also managed to get a technical foul within only a few minutes of playing.

Lucas with a three!

Game over Portland.

102-79 Raptors. Now the Raptors are on an 8-1 run. I believe.

Game Bench: Terrance Ross, great performance. Lots of 3s.

Game Toad (quirky performance): Calderon and Lowry combining for 22 assists, 0 points, and 1 sleeve.

Game Goat (poor performance): Pietrus, 0/4.

Mmm hmm hmm it’s raining threes


2 thoughts on “Raptors Have a Fields Day

  1. After watching this, I had to cut one sleeve off of all my t-shirts.

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