Raptors go for 7th win in 8 games. Do you believe?

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December 29, 2012 by amiracle15

Point guard controversy? What point guard controversy?

Hope everybody had a jolly holiday! For the Raptors, the Christmas season has been the gift that keeps on giving. Over the last two weeks we’ve gone 6 and 1, more than doubling our win total and vaulting from utter obscurity to… I don’t know, we’re still 10-20 but out of the Eastern conference cellar. Sayonara Wiz crew!

Road win last night at Norleans, didn’t see it but it seemed like a bit of a lucky W. Gotta have those. Apparently Lowry was a factor and this goes in line with what I thought would happen, in contrast with all the people who said he might cause trouble upon return. Hell, even Bargnani would be nice to have back, even though we’re playing leagues better without him. As an athlete, that’ll make him play better. Trust me.

The starting lineups are… sketchy. Really really really sketchy. Aaron Gray is starting at center for the Raps and the Magic are basically trotting out a D-league squad, starting undrafted Ish Smith (actual name) at the point. That’s that Ish I don’t like.

Right off the bat, Derozan and Davis knock down jumpers, always a plus when Davis does something other than O-reb putbacks.

For some reason the Magic are 4.5 point favorites in the official betting line so I bet on them to cover the spread. Seriously, we got this. Down 17-11 though with Canadian Andrew Nicholson potting 8 already. Remember last game where I said watch out for this guy? Yeah.

Ish Smith… I like this kid’s game (and name).

LOL Turkoglu gets a wide open layup and literally can’t jump high enough to dunk it, dude’s 6’10.

Two Pietrus threes! Jose 3! 26-19 Raptors boy that turned around nicely.

Derozan hammer! 36-21 aww yeah! Lol 25-4 run nbd

With his stocky build, black t-shirt  (most people just wear the tank-top jersey) and New Balance-esque white shoes, Kyle Lowry looks like the mid-40s dad lurking in the gym who crashes your pickup game lol.

Ross and Smith trade 3’s, man I really like this Ish Smith kid. Gung-ho unheralded sorta guy. Anyway it’s 52-34 now, everyone’s getting involved and Armstrong’s euphoric. Tis the season!

Armstrong singin’ along to Journey–Don’t Stop Believing. Do you believe?

One thing’s for certain–Raps are 9 of 10 from downtown. Yep, 90% that’s just how we do.

Aaaaand they missed two in a row oh well such is life.

My dad is spot on: Jack Armstrong should do home run derbies. “Back…back…back….MGD!!!”

67-47 at the half, season high maybe?


I think Dwayne Casey’s lips are going to retire like 10 years before he does. God he gives those things a marathon workout every time he speaks.

Afflalo, Devlin. Afflalo.

76-59, we got this heeuh.

Whoa whoa whoa–Jack Armstrong is 50? 50!?!?

Uh oh, 76-63 and Nicholson gets to the line and sinks 2. 11 point game, lil problematic I won’t lie.

Man, Nicholson’s making some shots here. Hella shots, hooks and jimmies galore. Of the Kevin Seraphin mold if you follow the Wizards this year. Cause I live that #kevinseraphinlife

He’s got 20, Raptors still up 87-71. Not totally out of reach


Now it is, going hard here up 20. 23 now, obligatory Ross dunk: so poppin.

I’m not gonna bother commenting from here on out; it’s garbage time.

But wait…. Quincy Acy is on!!! I’m just so glad I got to see this incredible rare and precious event.

And he slams it down!!! Grunting post-dunk as well. #hard

It’s raining treys, wow, 123-88 final. Goodness me.

Team Bench: Everybody; this was a great team effort. Ed Davis played ugly as usual (actually, even more so than usual) but put up the stats and so did (most of) the rest of the gang.

Team Toad: Landry Fields, 4 points 8 rebounds in 18 minutes. Huh

Team Goat: Aaron Gray, 0 points and 3 turnovers in 12 minutes. He was aight though.



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