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December 14, 2012 by amiracle15

Just a few thoughts as I prepare to head back to Canada. Hwyl fawr, Cymru!

Before the Raptors’ previous game against Brooklyn in which he didn’t play, the Raptors’ top rebounder was…..drumroll….Kyle Lowry. Kyle Lowry folks, the point guard.

I said in my preseason preview that the Raps needed good play from their extremities–point guard and center. Lowry started out hot and cooled off a bit/got injured but overall he’s been ight. Bargnani, on the other hand, is grabbing 4.3 rebounds a game and shooting under 40%. You’re 7 feet tall for crying out loud, you should be grabbing two or three rebounds a game from gravitational attraction alone.

The rest of the Raptor front court has been splitting time and inconsistent when given it, thus none of them have huge rebounding numbers. Ed Davis looks like he’s going to change that as he’s earning minutes, but then again rebounding IS ALL HE F#CKING DOES, so you expect that kind of production.

Also, Lowry still is leading in defensive rebounds. How is that even possible? He guards guards and thus is on the perimeter most of the time…the hell are the other Raptors doing to let the rebounds get all the way to him?

Alas, with our record at 4 and I-don’t-even-know-or-care, I think we can safely say that the proverbial hex dumbbell is slipping out of our control. Best to drop it now, clean the hands and hope for a better grip next time.

But the blogging must go on!!!!


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