Raptors vs. Grizz


November 28, 2012 by amiracle15

First observation–Kleiza is starting! It’d be great to see him take over the game.

First play–Mike Conley 3, but followed by a Kleiza mid-range 2. I like it.

Kleiza with the assist to….Ed Davis??? Yep he’s starting. Interesting moves, Dwayne Casey. My jiblets are tickled.

Another Kleiza bucket, both teams are scoring at will as is the case in many first quarters. 11-8 Grizz.

Just realized that Bargnani is not starting. Is he injured? In the doghouse? On his period? Looks like he and McGuire are off for this one, and I must say both of them are very deserving of the demotion.

Rudy Gay gets the friendly roll for a 3. He has such a beautiful stroke. *swoons*

Kyle Lowry takes the charge on Marc Gasol. That kid is tough. As. Nails (the jimmy!).

Leo Rautins apparently ate too much for lunch, and then drank multiple cups of coffee to prevent fatigue. Being an announcer must be such a tough job…

I think Zach Randolph weighs more than the entire Raptors team. Marc Gasol too. Seriously though, who’s the heaviest Raptor? Bargnani’s scrawny and Jonas is boneless.

Ok Bargnani’s out because of injury. It’s going to be very very interesting if the Raps can grab a win without him…keep in mind that the Grizzlies have the best record in the NBA. No big deal though, 21-19 Raptors.

T-Ross with the nice feed to Amir Johnson, Rautins praises his diversified game as sign of maturity and comfort with the offense. First quarter ends and the Raptors are UP 27-24. Woohoo! *giddy shriek*

Great block by Terrence Ross on Wayne Ellington! Oh snap! That boy good.

The shrimp I’m eating is SOOO friggin good. Just wanted to point that out. Garlic butter with parsley seasoning, ready to eat at an affordable price…that’s why I do my shopping at Tesco–Every Little Helps.

Neck and neck here–Ross trades buckets with Speights, who annoys me. Ross, on the other hand, made a really pretty drive and float finish. 38-37 Grizz. Let’s try to take a lead into halftime.

A goofy-looking and-1 from Kleiza followed by some even play and it’s 44-43 Grizzlies.

There it is–first word about Devlin’s moustache comes at 2:30 left in the second quarter. Devlin teases Leo for his inability to grow one. Rautins, you jelly???

Hamed Haddadi, straight outta Tehran, in the game for the Grizzlies. He looks kind of like a Grizzly come to think of it.

Matt and Leo talk about the special feeling you get as an athlete having a good game. The feeling he’s referring to is called “flow” and those who want more info should look into some of the groundbreaking psychological research done by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Weird play at the end results in Lowry going to the free throw line with 0 seconds left. He sinks them both, cutting it to 48-47 Grizz at the half. Oh so close!!


Bad start to the 3rd…Memphis bucket followed by Raptors turnover, just as Leo Rautins harps on about how important the first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter are in the NBA. sigh…

Two more turnovers and it’s 55-48 Grizz, Casey’s had enough and calls a timeout.

The question really is–can the Raptors defend these elite teams when it counts? I think the answer is not at the moment, but much of the team is new. We’ll see if they can pull something this game.

Ross and Amir on–that’s what I like to see. Aaaaand Amir injures his ankle. Pretty badly. Balls. 64-53 Memphis.

70-53, this is torture to watch. Derozan looks like he’s drunk, another turnover.

81-61 at the end of the quarter; the Grizzlies won that quarter by 19 points. Fuck this shit.


20 points in 12 minutes…can we do this? Grizz did it in the 3rd quarter, so yeah.

Update: at this point the power in my room went out randomly, so I was unable to keep watching. Anyway, I see from the boxscore this morning that nothing much else happened.

Game Goat: The entire team in the 3rd quarter. That was brutal.

Game Toad: Dominic McGuire and Quincy Acy combining for 1 point in garbage time.

Game Bench: Real tough to give this out, but Amir Johnson was +7 and he returned after he hurt his ankle. #Tough.


2 thoughts on “Raptors vs. Grizz

  1. ngafr says:

    Oh my! Pick me, os gwelwch yn dda!

    Whoa whoa whoa, check the boxscore. “Masta Acy” logged 1 point last night.

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