Raptors (1-5) vs. Jazz (3-4)


November 12, 2012 by amiracle15

The Jazz are 0-4 on the road this season, although their broadcasting crew seems pretty optimistic that the Raptors are beatable. It’s true. Landry Fields is still out, however, which is good news really. Kyle Lowry is also out of commission though, and he’s integral. Looks like John Lucas III is going to see a lot of action again. Joy.

Dominic Mcguire is starting…interesting. He’s averaging 9 minutes a game this season, though I suppose he can’t be much worse than Alan Anderson.

It’s mildly amusing listening to the Jazz play-by-play guy botch the name “Valanciunas”…twice. Even when his partner got it right. Silly Americans.

I’m liking what I’m seeing early here, although I say that pretty much every Raptors game. The Jazz look goofy on offence and Bargnani is saucing pretty hard. 14-6.

Derozan 3-ball! I’ve always thought he’s a better shooter than he gets credit for. Also Bargnani is on the money again; someone’s clearly had their pregame Primo pasta and sauce. 21-13.

They’re playing N!ggas in Paris. God I love that song.

Great late-clock pump fake from Derozan. I can only imagine what words of praise Jack Armstrong must be gushing right now. Also John Lucas III is in the house. Raptors fans everywhere become noticeably nervous. And Jamal Tinsley in for the Jazz?? What is he, 45?

JOHN LUCAS MADE A SHOT!!! But Ed Davis illegal screen. Friggin’ Ed Davis, go back to the D-league.

Pretty even here in the second quarter. The Jazz have got to be one of the heaviest teams in the league though–Enes Kanter, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors and Al Jefferson are all absolute trucks. And short, too–the polar opposite of Bargnani. Whatever, he eats and shoots better than you can ever dream. 39-35 Raps.

Linas Kleiza is going off here. This is great to watch as he’s got Bargnani-level offensive talent when he’s on. Speaking of the Bargs, though, watching him on defence is brutal. He looks like an early-developing 13-year-old girl trying to bag the defensive rebound. Come to think of it he’d make a pretty good Edward from Twilight. I’d root for him to win Bella’s love. 50-46.

Wow, Linas is going Kleizy! Raps by 4. The Jazz are having their way on offence too though. 52-49.

Holy crap, another Kleiza trey. Treyza Klay. Klay Thompson. Thompson Rivers?

At the half, Raptors lead 57-52 on the strength of 17 points (all in the second quarter!!!) from Linas Kleiza. Wow.


Third Quarter. The announcer is still struggling through Bronas’s last name. “Wallunciunas”? “Yawlawnchee-oonus”? Dwayne Casey puts Amir Johnson on the floor; I’m a big Amir Johnson proponent so that’s cool. Couple buckets traded, it’s 62-57.

Bargnani and Derozan comin’ out strong just like in the first. Some nifty move from lil’ DD and it’s 68-60. Could this be the makings of….a win!?!?


Dominic Mcguire is rubbish. If you’re a small forward and you get a wide open three, take it. Don’t make Bargs force up a contested fadeaway late in the clock. Put Kleiza on!

Okay, Casey is putting Kleiza on for Mcguire. Great Caseys think alike I guess. 70-67.

Amir Johnson again with the dunk. Savage, I love what he brings to the table on offence and defence.

More Amir, Boromir. Jazz are keeping in it though. Jose Calderon has 14 assists, yeah, but he’s also 3 for 10 and has been blocked 3 times! 76-73.

Derozan is quietly having quite the night here. Uh-oh Lucas III is on. No matter, Kleiza with the sweet stroke again. Or as Matty D would put it, “drills it!!!” But Randy Foye also brought his shooting slippers. 87-82.


Fourth Quarter. John Lucas III is in the house, and he drains the open II. Announcers giving him flack for shooting 8% this season, but GUESS WHO’S WINNING JAZZ FANS??? Yep, Raptors still up. 91-84.

Some more Lucas swag and Tyrone Corbin calls a timeout for the Jazz.

97-90…still very winnable for the Jazz, even though they haven’t had a lead yet. Come on Bargs and company, don’t blow this one. Oh crap, Kleiza whistled for a clear path foul, even the announcers don’t agree with the call. 97-93.

Derozan jumper. Yes. Good to see him showing sustained touch.

Fuck, terrible turnover by Jose. And then a terrible shot the next possession. 99-95. Missed Jazz chord and then Derozan gets to the line. Really solid performance from DD.

Man, Bronas Valanciunas has really been absent this game. And Aaron Gray hasn’t played a second. Amir Johnson/Ed Davis for the win.

Gahh another Jose turnover!!!

Jazz announcer, it’s pronounced “Klay-za”, not “Klee-ay-za”. Come on man. Anyway Jose drives to the hole and I forgive him a little. 102-97. 1 minute left.

Mo Williams jimmy, 3-point game. Oh sheeit!!

Goddamn it, Raptors turn the ball over again, leads to a pathetic little layup from Paul Millsap. 102-101, 32 seconds left.

Fuck yeah, Amir Johnson with the putback! Represent. 104-101. Hell’s Bells being blasted in the arena. Epic. Lesgo.

WHAT!?!?!? Al Jefferson in-and-out game-tying  3…AAGGGHHHH!!!!!  AL JEFFERSON!?!? 2.2 seconds left.

Calderon inbound. Then he makes a terrible pass cause he’s a fucking worthless crock of dung. Ugh. Overtime.


OT. Kleiza misses badly on a three. Oh god…this is a nightmare…

And on the next play he fouls out. Great. Now McGuire’s on. Might as well have suited up Jay fucking Triano.

Jazz sink a couple, they are now winning 108-104. Grrrr.

Amir gets to the line and then hauls down the D-reb on the other end. Great effort from AJ, one-point game off a Derozan runner.

Millsap 3. Ah this is brutal, 113-109.

Ok, Jose gets to the line. 113-111. We gotta do something on defence though.

Another Amir Johnson rebound! Slick!

Bargnani fouled on the shot…veteran savvy right there. He sinks a pair, Raps get a steal. Chance for the lead….DEROZAN!!! 50 minutes played, still got the hops for a slam in the lane. 115-113, 23.3 seconds left. Jazz ball, this is huge.

Al Jefferson hook, 115 apiece. I’m going to say less-than-stellar defence from Amir there. Anyway, Raps still have 20 secs to win the game. Whose gonna nail the jimmy??? Hex time baby!

Derozan miss, double OT on the way. Man, I gotta go to sleep!


Second OT and my eyes are complaining, and not just from looking at Jose’s teeth. I’m thinking Amir Johnson plays a big role somewhere in this period. Or maybe Bargnani has his period.

Jose jimmy, Derozan/Amir cooperative steal. They’ve been awesome, but the Jazz answer right back on a sexy dish from Mo Williams. 118-117 Jazz.

McGuire gets to the line. I remember when I scored my first points.

Another Millsap trey, dude’s killing us.

Derozan and Williams trade buckets, 123-120 Jazz. Amir misses a hook then makes up for it with a stop en route to a fast break but McGuire BLOWS IT. FUCK HOW DID HE MESS THAT UP!?!? He got blocked by Randy Foye from behind…I don’t even…

Amir fouls out, Ed Davis in, Derozan gets to the line. 123-122 Jazz, 12 seconds left, Mo Williams fouled. 11 seconds left, he drills both. 125-122, someone is going to have to make a three here. Only person I’d want shooting from deep right now is Kleiza and he’s fouled out. Sigh.

Here we go.


JOHN LUCAS!!!!! SWAGGGG!!!!! HEX!!!!!! 125-125. MOVEMBER MADNESS!!! Still 7.5 secs left though, Utah ball.

Mo Williams gets stripped, triple overtime it is. I’m pretty much a zombie right now, but with more interest in hex hold.


3rd OT. Derozan is going to log 60 minutes by the end of this. No biggy, he nails the fadeaway to match Millsap’s deuce.

The Raptors have to travel to Indiana tomorrow, and that game’s going to be a gong show. Terrence Ross might have a career game, who knows.

Jose 3. Yes. Ok he’s been pretty good on the whole tonight, scoring and dishing.

Millsap with another three. Wow. Cold killa. Then Jose almost turns it over. 134-130. Jazz ball.

Jazz keep pounding it home…138-133 with 26 seconds left and Millsap at the line and he drills both. It’s over.


The stats on this one are gonna be off the charts, but for now I’m off to bed. That was draining and heartbreaking.


5 thoughts on “Raptors (1-5) vs. Jazz (3-4)

  1. rjacova says:

    Good reporting Casey. I needed to draw out a word graph for that whole Treyza Klay thing. Thank god for word graphs. Weirdly enough, on Saturday I had a shift at the War where the UBC Men’s bball team destroyed Thompson River University (it’s TRU, I swear).

  2. slewfeet says:

    Fire Dwane Casey! Trade Bargnani! Tank for draft picks! Relocate the team!

  3. slewfeet says:

    Didn’t watch this game, but man what a ridiculous statline.

    JL^3’s game-saving 3 to end 2OT came off Bargnani’s first and only assist of the game. Big man managed to go shooting 5-17 in nearly 50 minutes too. DeRozan took 33 flipping shots and it looks like he absolutely had to carry with Bargnani creating so little offense. Calderon somehow went 5-6 after that initial 3-10 run but still makes the costliest possible turnovers. He’s not so much a clutch player as a dramatic one; he comes up big in some key moments and fucks up big in the rest.

    Ed Davis finally justifies his roster spot by being really tall and grabbing orebs. Aaron Gray is worthless, 4 minutes of play all at the tail end of OT and he manages to go -8, are we really stapling Bronas to the bench in favour of this guy? And what happened to Bronas anyways? Not sure he even saw the court after the half.

    John Lucas III is a hero. I bet he can hex plates.

    • ngafr says:

      Apparently Bronas was in foul trouble early (4 fouls) and then with the strong play of Amir Johnson and Ed Davis Casey just kept him on the bench. I think he put Aaron Gray in for defence, although that obviously didn’t pan out.

      Yeah, watching the game I didn’t really notice how mediocre Andrea was. I was, understandably, more focused on the bright spots for the Raptors. And Jose Calderon made some really pathetic turnovers which is why I harped on him, even though his stats were legit.

      I’m going to go ahead and say it: the black Raptors performed last night, and the white Raptors choked on their collective white chodes, with the possible exception of Bronas but he was benched and committed 4 fouls. Derozan, Johnson, Ed Davis and John Lucas all came to play.

  4. rjacova says:

    Wow. That was a thrilling to read. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to have watched. Crazy stuff. I think the craziest part is JLcubed hitting the game saving 3 though. Nuts. If I were watching it live I would’ve taken my shirt off and ran around outside in the cold shouting in celebration like a hooligan who’d just won a daring bet. And Casey, I am surprised you made it through this entire game considering it was like 4am, your time, when it ended. Solid dedication. Sad defeat.

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