A Contract to Remember


November 3, 2012 by colanjello

The new Derozan contract, 4 years 38 million. Bryan Colangelo is once again paying on potential. Only time will tell if this is a valuable investment. Before you criticize remember he is only 23 years old and has made some strides with his game. And do not the forget the blinding athleticism and added strength he posesses. My major concern with Derozan is he has no three point shot. His court vision is also just not there. This was extremely evident in the home opener. Are these things teachable? But hey he likes Toronto! This is refreshing coming from an american ball player. Props to Derozan, What do you think about the big deal?

2 thoughts on “A Contract to Remember

  1. ngafr says:

    You know, he went from hitting 5 3-pointers on 10% shooting in 2010-2011 to 24 3-pointers on 26% shooting last season, so he’s improving in that regard. And I like the deal–dude averaged 17 ppg the past two years, let’s not forget. In his three seasons his shooting percentage has gone down each year but his assists have gone up, so he’s learning court vision. There’s no one in the NBA quite like DD at the moment–I like the deal.

  2. This is an awful deal. He’s now 23, and he’s hardly improved at all in his time in the league. When can we start to say that the “potential” just isn’t there? I agree that he has no court vision and no three point shot, not to mention his steadily decreasing field goal percentage in the three years he’s been in the league. What kind of a team gives a player 10 million a year based just on “athleticism”? Ridiculous.

    But hey, he likes Toronto.

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