Season Opener!


October 31, 2012 by amiracle15

First tilt of the season tonight at 7pm edt; I’m sneezing uncontrollably from excitement. The word around the league is that we’re in for yet another rebuilding season, hoping to find eventual success from home-grown talent à la the Indiana Pacers of late, who, guess what, we’re playing!!! The quartet of Andrea Bargnani, Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry and Bronas Valanciunas certainly have plenty of talent-filled years ahead of them; whether they will be win-filled years is anyone’s guess. Anyway, there are some who think the Raps could sneak into the playoffs, so here’s to hoping. Casey’s Keys to the match and to the season:

  1. Dominance from top and bottom. We need Kyle Lowry and Bronas Valanciunas to be major forces at the point and at center, respectively. Bronas needs to shut down the paint on D because Bargnani certainly won’t, and Lowry needs to facilitate on offense, although Landry Fields could help with that. In fact, I wouldn’t be against having two point guards on the floor together like the Clippers did last year with Chauncey Billups and Chris Paul. Anyway, if we get good play from center and point guard, I think the wing play will fall in place. Bargnani’s shot will always be there and Derozan’s not going to forget how to dunk.
  2. Minimize damage from Fields/Derozan/Bargnani shooting too much. Related to the first point, if Lowry and Bronas take big roles in the offense, we won’t have to suffer through so many goofy missed AB shots and Demar Derozan turnovers. Both of these players are incredibly talented, but can be harmful if they shoot too much. And Fields….well, he had a decent rookie year and he works hard.
  3. Team hex hold as pregame ritual. You can’t dunk without impeccable grip strength.
  4. Bench play (in both senses of the word). Amir Johnson should see a lot of playing time, and rightly so. He brings energy and can put points on the board efficiently. Sort of like a talented Ed Davis. Also, some 3-ball sauce from Terrence Ross and John Lucas III would be choice.


Shit that was long. Let’s go Raps! #rtz

2 thoughts on “Season Opener!

  1. I’m all for team hex, but not right before the games. Anyone who’s ever been serious about forearms knows just how easily they can become fatigued. The last thing we want is one of our Raptors cramping up on a dunk due to pre-game hex.

  2. colanjello says:

    Three things: Landry needs to sink his shot on the few attempts he gets and his “expensive” contract wil be forgotten. Kyle Lowry is the real deal. Jack armstrong Stated Jonas Valanciunas has “farmer hands” which really just means he does lots of hex hold right?

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