Yahoo sports doesn’t care about the Raptors

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October 29, 2012 by amiracle15

Who did they hire to write this headline–a mentally challenged goat? (edit: the direct article link isn’t working for some reason. Anyway it’s the article right in the middle of this page under the header “Recent News”)

This is an embarrassment. Just like anything Jay Triano says or does.

Stay tuned to B&W, where we’ll be providing grammatically correct coverage of the Raptors as they try to make a splash in the Eastern Conference this year. With Kyle Lowry in to take some minutes away from Jose “I don’t play defence or run fast breaks” Calderon, Demar Derozan one year more mature and Jonas Valanciunas in the hizzouse, I wouldn’t be surprised if we nab a playoff spot. But hey, I’m just champion of my 2012 fantasy baseball league, so what do I know? (not much. really, that doesn’t mean shit)


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