Andrea Bargnani’s Condition


October 27, 2012 by colanjello


I swear I once heard Andrea Bargnani state “if only rebounds were worth points, then i would actually get some.” Talking about Bargnani’s rebounding worth, or lack of, is a very popular sentiment in raptor land. Could what I thought I heard Andrea say just be the opinions of countless trolls and skeptics of the raptors nation echoing their unproductive, predictable, distaste towards a person who is really not to blame? Critics of Bargnani wish he could inherit the all defensive and rebounding traits comparable to Tyson Chandler. He may be able to improve his play to a certain level, depending on how much Dwane Casey can get out of him. Ultimately though, this is not his identity. You cannot ask a blind person to show you where milky way is. But what Andrea is, is one of the purest shooting, athletic, point scoring, seven foot forwards to play the game. A rare, valuable commodity and something Tyson Chandler could only dream of being. Still, for some, he will always be the “soft euro”. A step down from the great all star Dirk Nowitzki, soon to be in the hall of fame. Maybe it was the fact he was drafted first overall, albeit it was a very weak draft class. The expectations for this point scoring specialist are there. Whether you like it or not, the fate of the raptors offence ( A major key to the raptors chances of making the post season ) will sink or swim depending on Bargnani’s abilities this year. Many fans want to say goodbye to Andrea via trade. The fact is he cannot be traded. The raptors need as much offensive value as they can get. Since Andrea is a true offensive player making a move would not be worthwhile. The raptors struggled putting the ball in the net last year when Andrea was out, ranking 28th offensively in the league. So for this year, no matter what you think of him, he is here to stay. The raptors have done well in surrounding Bargnani with pieces which compliment him. Lets just hope this seasons he averages the all star numbers he did last year before his injury, just 13 games into the season. Next time your watching a primo pasta commercial and you see Andrea, go to the supermarket buy some primo pasta and sauce. Cook some spaghetti, relax, turn on the T.V. and watch how Bargnani impacts the game positively. Points are worth the lack of rebounding. 

One thought on “Andrea Bargnani’s Condition

  1. rjacova says:

    Andrea is a great offensive presence, yes. But, we cannot merely let him “cherry pick”. He’s got to toughen up on defense. Work with your strengths, but also work on your weaknesses. So, let’s praise Bargnani’s offensive prowess, but also let’s encourage–in a positive manner–that he fixes the kinks in his armor. Working on his weaknesses will be the only way Bargnani will be a complete player, and dominate the game. All of that said, I am still in agreement that we should give him his due credit, and quit focusing on comparing him to defensive greats such as Tyson Chandler.

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