Which Raptor looks most like a velociraptor


October 24, 2012 by Rubixcube

After a grueling few hours of meticulously viewing profile pictures on the Toronto Raptors’ roster, it struck me that one Raptor actually looked like a velociraptor dinosaur: John Lucas III. It seemed subtle at first, but as I re-viewed his profile picture it became clear.

He has all the facial characteristics of our prehistoric nemesis. He has the typical prominent prognathous of the face. He has a sauropsid arrangement of the temporal fenestrae in the cranium. His palatoquadrate is fused into his cranium and the Meckel’s cartilage is suspended from the palatoquadrate. There is no hyomandibular involvement for this jaw suspension–what we would call a metautostylic jaw suspension. So the evidence all points towards a highly reptilian organism with traits that strikingly resemble a velociraptor.

#5 John Lucas III playing against his old team the Chicago Bulls

This may come as a huge shock to many, but we must be accepting of his difference. He definitely conceals it well. So if there is anything you can take home from this post, it’s to be accepting of differences in appearance; please be accepting of the fact that John Lucas III looks like a velociraptor. It will make our chances of making the playoffs so much better if his morale doesn’t take a blow from the critics and haters out there.


3 thoughts on “Which Raptor looks most like a velociraptor

  1. Hopefully Raptors fans will welcome him with open arms. I can barely imagine how rough it must have for him in Chicago, a city famous for being anti-prognathous.

  2. rjacova says:

    Yes, I agree. Chicago is known for being anti-prognathous, in addition to there being intolerant of metautostylicity. Poor Johnny.

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