Release Party


October 23, 2012 by Rubixcube

Hey Y’all Raptors fans:

The release party is nearly upon us! The costume code is simple: Bench. Hex. Raptors. So, be prepared to wear your favorite Bench T-shirt, bring your favorite dumbbell, or wear you’re favorite raptors jersey, or do all three! For the paleontologists out there, you can also just wear a velociraptor dinosaur costume. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, and be prepared for ice breaker games, such as: “name your favorite workout”; “who’s your least favorite raptor”; “hot potato” (a slightly modified version focusing more on grip strength); “G-substitute”; “fan-dangling didgeridoo”; “10’s an orgy”; and who could forget “Bronas and the Whale” (my favorite). If you don’t know some of these games, just do a little research; Google is there for such a reason. On second thought, that second last one might not be a good idea to google unless your alone in a room with a raging hard-on. And by hard-on I mean erection. And by erection I mean Eiffel Tower. And by Eiffel tower I mean Paris. And by Paris I mean boner. (Just make a word graph it’ll make keeping track of my logic much simpler).

On that Note: Have a great Raptor’s Tuesday, and See you at the release party ladies and gentlemen. Ruben out.

3 thoughts on “Release Party

  1. slewfeet says:

    I’m digging how “Bargnani” is specified in quotation marks, like it’s some obscure terminology most Raptors fans probably haven’t heard of.

    Quality blog.

  2. rjacova says:

    Lol. I meant that as in the jersey reads as such. But yeah, I like your interpretation better. So Casey said that trashing Bargnani doesn’t make much sense on a Bronas blog. Is this true? I’ll have to edit that bit out then.

    • slewfeet says:

      No reason you can’t hate your own team’s players, especially if they’re underachieving or overpaid or completely terrible or have stupid facial hair, at least two of which apply to Bargnani.

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